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Posts by Melanie Albert

Is Professional Web Design Worth the Investment?

Reviewing a website design

In today’s digital world, your website can make or break your business. Having a well designed, user-friendly website will direct more traffic to your site and increase conversions. Although hiring professionals to design and develop your website may seem like a huge investment, the results will be completely worth it. Here’s why: Your website will…

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How to Build Brand Voice Through Your Website Design

Branding and creativity

Building and maintaining a brand voice is one of the most valuable things a business can do. Not only should this voice be presented through all marketing materials, but through the website as well. In fact, web design is one of the best ways to build your brand voice. Here’s how to do it: Be…

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Why Your Business Needs to be Blogging

Marketing technologies

With all the different social media platforms that exist today, it can be really easy to dismiss the idea of blogging. You might think that regularly updating your business’s social media platforms is all you need to do in terms of content creation, but you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Spoiler alert: blogging is…

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How Social Media Analytics Can Help You Be A Better Marketer

A marketer reviews analytics on her phone.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter boast users that make up large percentages of the U.S. adult population, and there’s much to be said about the data that lives on each platform. Unlike most alternative forms of consumer marketing, social media is a two-way street — brands push content they want to promote…

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How to Get Started with Shopify

Working on Shopify

Ecommerce is a constantly changing landscape filled with tools and technologies that can be utilized to help your business succeed. The internet is as open of a market as has ever existed in the world; with the right programs, advertising and selling to customers around the globe can be done from the palm of your…

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Why Optimize Your Website for Mobile?

A woman on her phone.

These days, everyone is buried in their phones all of the time. Love it or hate it, it’s a sign of the times; the technological revolution has changed the way we connect, relax, and do business. So if you’re running a website, especially if it’s for your business, mobile optimization is a must-have for everyone.…

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