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How To Lower Your Abandoned Cart Rates

69.7% of all online shopping carts get abandoned. Yep, you read that right. One of the most challenging aspects of running an ecommerce business is getting customers to follow through with that coveted purchase. There are tons of reasons why shoppers tend to leave their carts behind, so we’re going to walk through them and list ways to optimize your checkout process.

Extra Fees And Shipping Costs

This is the most common reason for cart abandonment. In fact, offering free shipping is the most effective way to incentivize a purchase. In addition to shipping costs, taxes and other extra fees often turn customers away. The best way to combat this is by being as transparent as possible about costs during the shopping and checkout processes.

Long/Complicated Checkout Process

The average US checkout process includes 23 different form elements, including addresses, payment information, and personal details. It’s no surprise that people can be lazy…they wouldn’t be online shopping if it weren’t for the convenience factor, right? So this causes 18% of carts to be left behind. The best way to avoid this issue is by integrating a payment service such as Shop Pay or PayPal into your site, so users can have their details automatically entered.

Required Account Creation

First-time shoppers are typically looking for the quickest way to check out. When going through the motion of entering a password and other details, people are much more inclined to abandon their carts. Avoid this by creating a guest checkout option on your site!

Untrustworthy Site

Hacking and identity theft are all too common these days. If you host your website on a trustworthy ecommerce platform like Shopify, you’ll be much more likely to both appear credible and protect customer data.

Some Other Ways To Bring Conversion Rates Up…

Offer As Many Payment Options As Possible

Integrations such as PayPal and Shop Pay already have users payment information saved, which makes the checkout process take less than a minute. Another important payment option to include is Afterpay. Lots of shoppers take advantage of paying for their order in increments, and services that offer this such as Klarna are easy to integrate into your Shopify store!

Optimize Your Abandoned Cart Emails

When a cart gets abandoned, it’s not the end-all-be-all. An effective abandoned cart email series can save the day! Our blog post on essential email automations provides an outline and tons of tips to master this flow.

Offer Free Shipping

We have seen with several clients that free shipping sales are the most effective. Even though at times this saves customers less money than a discount, it is still seen as a a valuable offer to tons of online shoppers. When running this promotion, make sure it is prominently displayed on your website!

Run Retargeting Ads

We’ve all had the experience of glancing at a product online, then encountering it on social media and finalizing the purchase. Make sure to install pixels on your website for all social media platforms you are advertising through, then set up a retargeting campaign and watch the magic happen!

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