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Case Study

Software Development + Branding: Divorce Masters


From Ideation to Execution

The team behind Divorce Masters, veterans in the Family Law and Accounting industry, had an idea: make the process of divorce less of a financial, emotional, and time drain using technology. From branding to user stories and product wires all the way to building and marketing the product, Labs was their partner in execution.



Branding a sensitive subject

The market of divorcees is unusual: it consists of people who are going through a difficult time. Through soothing, calming color use, symbolic illustration, and a slogan emphasizing the bright future after divorce, Labs created a tactful and meaningful brand for this market.

Our Process

Feature ideation and prototyping

The team at Divorce Masters turned to Labs for expertise in generating the right features for the application to do what they want it to do: streamline the process of divorce. Through brainstorming sessions, requirements and user story generation, and extensive wireframing and prototyping, Labs made sure the product is poised for success`


Get results

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Design with intention

UI/UX Design that Works

The experienced product design team at Labs created on-brand and beautiful designs to match the desired functionality and make sure users will have the best experience possible with Divorce Masters.

Engaging our customers

Building a marketing plan

While the Development team has been hard at work bringing Divorce Masters to life, the Marketing team has put together extensive growth plans for Divorce Masters to make sure the product reaches its intended audience.


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