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How To Improve Your Conversion Rates

If you’ve seen a dip in your ecommerce conversion rate in 2022, don’t panic – this is very common. With the increased inflation rates we’ve seen this year, buyer intent has naturally decreased. Since many shoppers are being more careful about their spending, impulsive online shopping is no longer the norm. Therefore, NOW is the time to honor the customer acquisition journey and let your customers make informed decisions before converting. Keep reading to learn how you can best support your customers as they make their way through the marketing funnel, which will ultimately increase your conversion rates!

Landing Pages

Once a customer decides to click on your website, they’ve begun to demonstrate interest in your product. This is your opportunity to provide valuable information and make it irresistible! There are 5 key components that your landing page must have in order to truly optimize for conversions.

  • The Benefit-Focused Headline: your headline should be customer-centric, aspirational, and written in second person.
  • The Hero Image/Video: this visual should clearly showcase your product and its benefits.
  • The Explainer Copy: this should be short, conversational, and highlight at least 1 key feature of your product.
  • The Call To Action: this should be unique and true to the next step in the customer journey.
  • The Social Proof: this can take on the form of reviews, statistics, press features, or celebrity endorsements.

We think that Shopify does an excellent job of including all 5!

Don’t forget: technological factors such as site speed and mobile optimization can significantly impact conversion rates. A website development agency (hint hint) can help you work through those issues!

Email Marketing

Fact: email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. But without a strong list, it’s difficult to convert customers. Here are some quick tips for building your email list:

  • Place a pop-up with a discount for those who sign up for promotional emails.
  • Run ads with a newsletter sign-up conversion goal.
  • Promote your newsletter through organic social media.
  • Run a contest or giveaway.
  • NEVER buy a list!

Once you build a strong email list, the next step is to build an irresistible email strategy. Get the lowdown on must-have automated campaigns here.

After creating an irresistible email strategy, the next step is getting your subscribers to open your emails. The pressure falls on your subject lines, so here are some do’s and don’ts!


  • Personalize (particularly in win-back and abandoned cart emails)
  • Ask questions
  • Use emojis
  • Create urgency
  • Include deadlines
  • Include discounts
  • Write unique puns/jokes (if applicable to brand voice)
  • A/B test


  • Write more than 40 characters
  • Use all caps
  • Use spammy words/phrases (such as “Buy Now”)

Some final email tips:

  • Preview text is your friend! Make sure to include any valuable information here that may be missing from the subject line.
  • Segment your email list. Each email should be targeted to a specific audience that would find the content valuable. Plus, you’ll avoid spamming inboxes this way.
  • Humanize your brand. Use this longer form of messaging to show who is behind the brand and what you value.
  • Include as much imagery and social proof as possible. Treat your emails like mini landing pages!

Social Media Marketing

When marketing through organic social media, the goal is to balance interesting and engaging content with promotional content. Your followers do not want to be repeatedly told to make a purchase, but they will appreciate learning about discounts, partnerships, and new products. Here are our best tips for converting your social media followers!

  • Always make use of social commerce. Be sure to upload your product catalog from your ecommerce hosting platform and tag products as often as possible.
  • Accompany promotional copy with aspirational, lifestyle-based imagery. On visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, you do not want to disrupt the feed aesthetic. (Tip: User generated content is an excellent form of social proof!)
  • Share video content as often as possible. Videos are pushed to broader audiences on social media.
  • Engage with your followers and provide assistance whenever needed. Social media gives you the unique opportunity to chat with your customers, and it’s important to take advantage of this!

When it comes to social media ads, the key is to target each stage of the customer acquisition funnel. For cold audiences, focus on educating customers on the benefits of your product. For warm audiences, provide information that will pique their interest further. These can be discounts, testimonials, or debunked common concerns.

Need a refresher on the marketing funnel?

Looking for an agency to help improve your conversion rate? Let’s get in touch!

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