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Why Is It Important To Share Customer Reviews?

Let’s talk about customer reviews. Gathering them can be tricky, but it is absolutely worth the time and effort. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to make a purchase. Here’s how to gather and leverage customer feedback in order to help grow your ecommerce business.

How To Gather Reviews:

Automated Purchase Follow-Up Emails

Once the order has been delivered, it’s crucial to check in with the customer and solicit feedback. Start by thanking the customer for choosing your business, then gently asking for a review. Be sure to include your customer service contact information in this email in case the customer has any concerns. Read more on how to nail your purchase follow-up series!

SMS Campaigns

Bring your email strategy to SMS as well. SMS campaigns have a 98% open rate!

Give An Incentive

Your customers will naturally be more inclined to do you a favor when there’s something in it for them. This can be a discount code, entry into a giveaway, or small gift card. It’s the most effective way to gather reviews and is absolutely worth the investment!

Make Your Survey As Short As Possible

Asking for a rating out of 5 stars and a comment is the easiest way to go about collecting reviews, but if you plan to send a survey then limit it to 3 questions.

Create Different Spaces For Leaving Reviews

From Yelp to Google My Business to Amazon, there are tons of existing platforms on the internet designed for leaving reviews. Assess which of these are right for your business and make an account!

Get Extra Help From A Review Software

There are several existing softwares that you can integrate into your online store and email marketing to help solicit and display reviews. Not only are these effective, but they save you tons of time. We like YOTPO best!

What Comes Next?

Respond To Every Review

This not only demonstrates that your business cares about its customers and values all feedback, but also has proven to increase ratings!

Analyze What The Bad Reviews Are Saying

The truth of the matter is, every business gets bad reviews. If there’s consistency in what the bad reviews say, it’s time to look inward. Ask yourself: what can I do to improve the customer experience?

Display The Best Reviews On Your Website

Feature your five-star reviews as much as possible. We recommend creating a testimonial page, featuring your top 3 reviews on your home page, and sharing product-specific reviews on each product page.

Share Them On Social Media

Your organic social media channels are the #1 place to share reviews. People will often turn to your social media profiles when considering purchasing from you, and seeing that other people love your product is a huge win. Testimonial quotes can be designed into graphics that fit your branding and used as captions for your posts.

Watch Your Traffic Increase

Yup, that’s right – reviews help with SEO!


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