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How to Leverage Your Organic Social Media Strategy

As most marketers know, a successful digital marketing strategy combines the use of multiple marketing channels, including email, SEO, paid search, and social media. But when it comes to social media, organic channels often get neglected. With the funnel approach we take at Pirate Labs, organic social media is integral. First off, let’s talk about the benefits of having a strong organic social media presence.

Brand Credibility

When shoppers are at the consideration stage of the funnel, they will often turn to social media pages for more information. If a brand has a weak presence on Facebook or Instagram (or worse, no presence at all), the shopper may assume that the brand is illegitimate without doing any further research. Your social media page should prove that you are active and care about your customers, and should provide valuable content and information that will help nudge a shopper to make that coveted conversion.

Engagement Opportunities

Social media channels provide an incredible opportunity to engage with your audience. It’s imperative that you respond to all comments and direct messages, but there are also ways to go above and beyond. We recommend: polls and Q&A’s in Instagram stories, reposting all stories your brand is tagged in, commenting on all posts your brand is tagged in, replying and retweeting any Twitter mentions, and if your brand is on Reddit or any other forum-based platforms, starting and engaging in conversations. These techniques help humanize your brand and answer any outstanding questions shoppers may have.

Search Engine Optimization

Yep, that’s right. Organic social media can actually help boost your rankings in search engines and drive more organic traffic to your website. In fact, rumor has it that Google is working with TikTok and Instagram to start ranking videos in search results. But focusing on the present, social media channels do rank in search engines and are likely to appear when a customer is searching for your brand. Additionally, other organic content such as blog posts are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website.

Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Let’s talk about the difference between organic and paid social media. Objectively, paid social media will ultimately yield more conversions, but that does not mean you should neglect organic efforts. These two marketing strategies should align and work together, and here’s how you do it.


One thing we often reiterate to clients is the importance of boosting all organic posts. It takes seconds to boost a post, and even $10 can make a difference. Boosting turns your organic post into an Ad so that it can reach a wider audience than just your followers. This can easily be done directly in Facebook, or, for more advanced opportunities, in the Facebook Ads Manager.

How To Take Full Advantage of Boosting

At Pirate Labs, we prefer to boost posts through the Facebook Ads Manager in order to have better control over audience, budget, and goals for each post. To do so, we start by creating a Campaign solely for boosted posts with the appropriate goal in mind. For ecommerce clients, we typically create one campaign for conversions and one for engagement. Posts that feature a product or sale will be boosted for conversions, and posts that pose a question or encourage audience engagement will be boosted for engagement.

At the Ad Set level, we create one for Facebook posts, one for Instagram posts, and one for
Stories. After adjusting budgets and audiences, we ensure that the placements align with what the Ad Set indicates, and then are ready to create Ads!

Creating an Ad is the simplest part. You simply select “Use Existing Post”, add a call to action, and then are ready to go!

To Sum Things Up

Overall, the best way to approach digital marketing is by combining as many channels as possible. This will help your brand get discovered and gain the best reputation possible. By leveraging and boosting your organic social media presence, you could be gaining tons of customers who may have never heard of your brand before.


Want some help with your social media presence? We’ll take that on for you! Contact us today.


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