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12 Last-Minute Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Strategy in 2020

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday less than 3 weeks away, the time to promote your sale is now. Your marketing strategy should already be in place, but with that said, there are always ways to improve. These 12 ideas are the perfect last-minute additions to a killer competitive marketing strategy this year!

Lean into email marketing.
78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in 2020. When you send promotions directly to a customer’s inbox, personalize your emails through segmentation, and send automations (especially abandoned cart emails during the Holidays), you are bound to see an increase in conversions. For simple yet effective email marketing, check out ahoy!

Try gamification.
Everyone loves a friendly game or competition. Whether you add a “Spin to Win” or other quick and rewarding game to your website, or create a gamified loyalty program, your customer engagement is bound to increase.

Run social media contests and giveaways.
Social media contests are mutually beneficial– a lucky customer gets free products, and your brand name reaches new audiences. We recommend making part of the contest sharing an Instagram story or tagging friends in order to expand your audience.

Implement live chat on your website.
Customers who chat with a brand are 3x more likely to convert, and have a 10-15% higher average cart value. Make customer service a priority this Holiday season.

Segment your audience.
We touched upon this earlier when discussing the importance of email, but segmentation applies to both email and social media marketing– and it works wonders. These 7 Holiday segments are essential for personalized marketing this year.

Host a virtual Holiday event.
Who says you can’t chat with your customers while staying at home? A virtual event is a great way to build a community, share new products or business initiatives, and answer your customers’ most burning questions!

Use video content.
Fact: social media posts with video get 48% more views. Try sharing more video content this Holiday season (especially showcasing your products/services in action), and even go live on Instagram!

Retarget previous customers.
We’ve talked about retargeting before, but during the time when 30% of all retail sales occur, you don’t want to miss out. Retargeting is a technique that targets ads toward people who have previously visited your website or interacted with your social media accounts. It can turn window shoppers into customers!

Thank your customers.
As simple as it sounds, a little gratitude can go a long way. Be sure to reply to all messages and comments from customers, and send a special discount to your most loyal customers.

Run promotions all month.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday should not be your only sales. We recommend starting as early as possible, and having some sort of discount running throughout the whole month of November. This will keep your brand competitive and give customers an incentive to buy from you.

Boost your social media posts.
If you aren’t boosting your Instagram and Facebook posts, now is the time to start. When boosting posts, make the goal either conversions or landing page views. Additionally, try to share content that is as engaging as possible (pro tip: babies and pets will give your brand brownie points).

Make promotions the focal point of your marketing content.
As effective as content marketing is, promotions should be at the forefront of your strategy this month. Make sure your sales are prominent in every email and social media post.

If you’re looking for some assistance with your Holiday marketing this year, get in touch today!

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