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How to Build Brand Voice Through Your Website Design

Building and maintaining a brand voice is one of the most valuable things a business can do. Not only should this voice be presented through all marketing materials, but through the website as well. In fact, web design is one of the best ways to build your brand voice. Here’s how to do it:

Be intentional with your color choices.

Color is more important than you probably think. It is often what customers associate with your brand. Think about it: when someone mentions Coca-Cola, you think “red”. Color actually increases brand recognition by 80%. Additionally, the colors you choose can impact the emotions and subconscious of your customers. So be sure to pick a color that you feel best represents your brand’s mission.

Pick the right font for your brand.

Just like color, your font choice speaks volumes. Fonts range from elegant to casual to artistic, so find one that embodies your brand voice and stick to it.

Find the right balance of space and content.

The goal with spacing is to avoid a cluttered page and avoid a page with too much open space. This may take some trial and error, but it is important to find a balance that both represents your brand voice and engages your website visitors.

Think about your visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is the way you structure and sort content on your website. The most important elements of this hierarchy are your headers and CTA (call to action)’s. Since these two elements draw the most attention, make sure both the copy and design match your brand’s message. Additionally, to ensure that people read through your web pages, it’s important to make sure your content follows natural eye movement patterns.

Consistency is key.

By keeping your website consistent throughout (in terms of every design element mentioned above), your brand will come off as trustworthy. Additionally, it improves the user experience, which turns visitors into happy customers!

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