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How to Get Started with Shopify

Ecommerce is a constantly changing landscape filled with tools and technologies that can be utilized to help your business succeed. The internet is as open of a market as has ever existed in the world; with the right programs, advertising and selling to customers around the globe can be done from the palm of your hand.

Whether you’re looking to launch your dream or you’re expanding your horizons, finding the right partner to host and support your ecommerce operation is crucial to your long term success. But with all of that said, how does one just… start an ecommerce business? Or if you already have one, grow your ecommerce business? With Shopify!

So, what is Shopify?

If you’re in the ecommerce world, then surely you’ve heard of Shopify. If you haven’t- to keep it simple, Shopify is a platform that hosts ecommerce websites and internet business ventures. Within its own platform, Shopify allows for the start-to-finish creation and implementation of everything from a basic website to a larger brand identity. Shopify is, without a doubt, one of the best available interfaces to help entrepreneurs launch their ideas from conception to creation.

With 81% of businesses relying on email as the primary means of finding and retaining customers, the need to reach customers through the web is critical; direct email integration into Shopify helps your business realize and achieve its outreach goals. If you’re reaching more people, you’re on the right track; when those people convert into real sales, you’ve found your way forward!

Starting With Shopify: Start With A Plan

So how do they get their cut? Shopify offers three plans; the “basic” plan starts at $29 per month and the “Shopify” plan starts at $79, while the “advanced” plan can run up to $299 per month. The basic plan is perfect for getting started, while the Shopify plan features a lower credit card charge rate and some analytical insights. The advanced plan, while definitely the most expensive, offers a host of benefits, including the lowest credit card charge rates, a multitude of professional insights and analytics, and advanced cart recovery tactics. The advanced plan also allows for you to designate all shipping to a third party, making it the perfect option for drop-shipping operations.

There’s also a fourth option for larger businesses, the Shopify Plus plan, which starts at $2000 per month and includes a dedicated response team and the ability for your developers to customize the Shopify system to best fit your business. With that said, Shopify allows you to cycle back and forth between plans as long as the bills are paid!

Your Ecommerce Toolbox

Shopify also has a marketplace similar to the Apple App Store where you can find available plugins and extensions to help you make your business more productive. Choose the tools that make the most sense for your operation, and use them to help increase your capabilities on the ecommerce marketplace.

With all services- everything from building to branding- comes the availability of help and assistance; with Shopify, users can find help on a wide variety of topics that are essential to building a strong ecommerce operation. Shopify assists users with points such as choosing a business name, implementing design with their thousands of stock images and hundreds of design templates for website development, and more, like suggestions on designing and operating your online presence.

Shopify is also a leader in the ecommerce hosting space. With their offerings and support available for a scalable and reasonable price, Shopify lets you know that they’re there for you. Is there anything better than someone having your back?

Land-Ho! ahoy! is here…

Of course there is! Have you ever had an email provider that focused specifically on ecommerce? How about one that offers Smart Templates that help you design unique and customized emails yourself? What if you could do all of the above, and get started in just five minutes. That’s the infrastructure of Shopify, combined with the power of ahoy!

The ahoy! experience is one where you’re in the driver’s seat with your email marketing and mass outreach efforts; with customizable options and analytics on your campaigns, ahoy! gives you the tools to grow your ecommerce business. With Shopify, ahoy! users can seamlessly integrate their accounts and synthesize the power of ecommerce-specific email marketing with the enterprising capabilities of Shopify.

Want to take your products from shelf to sold? We can’t wait to see it happen. Maximize the power of email for your ecommerce business at

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