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How to Use Facebook to Boost Online Sales

When you think of Facebook, you might think of it as an outdated social media platform. We get it, it’s not the trendiest platform right now. However, for business purposes, Facebook can be extremely effective. Whether you run ads or regularly share organic content (we recommend both), there’s a lot to keep in mind in order to maximize your conversions. Here’s the ultimate list of both free and paid ways to boost online sales via Facebook.

How to boost conversions without spending a dollar:

1. Go live.

Your audience wants to interact with you, and hosting weekly live videos is the perfect way to do so. Video content tends to perform well, so get creative and host Q&A’s, webinars, interviews, and more to boost engagement and ultimately conversions.

2. Run a contest.

Contests are an excellent way to grow your following and brand awareness. Social media users are much more likely to follow you when they have an incentive, and more followers = more opportunities to convert.

3. Optimize your fan page for SEO.

Spoiler alert: your website isn’t the only place to focus on SEO. When your Facebook pages come up in Google searches, you increase your chances of boosting sales.

4. Add a store on Facebook.

Did you know that you can directly import your products from Shopify? This makes it much easier for your Facebook followers to go through with purchases, and therefore more inclined to do so.

5. Share exclusive offers.

Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency. Try using a Facebook-specific offer or discount code, and this will come across as even more special and exclusive.

6. Answer your audience’s questions.

Pay attention to what your audience wants to know, and create engaging content with this information. Once your followers have more information on your products, they’ll follow through with their purchases.

7. Use a white background in your creative.

Research shows that photos with a white background perform better on social media. Why not give it a shot?

8. Photograph your products in someone’s right hand.

This one’s also based on research. There’s no real explanation here, but you may as well test it out.

How to boost conversions through your paid content:

1. Use multi-product carousels in your ads.

Show off everything you’ve got! When you show your customers a few options, they’re more likely to see something they want to buy.

2. Use video in your ads.

As we mentioned before, video content tends to perform well on social media. In fact, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a branded video on how to use it.

3. Boost an organic post that’s performing well.

With Facebook, a little bit of money goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to pitch in a little money and reach new audiences with your organic content.

4. Create a custom CTA.

Call-to-action buttons are what typically lead to conversions. In your Facebook ads, you can customize your CTA in order to get your audience to complete a specific action. Hint: if you want to boost sales, try saying ‘Buy Now’!

5. Try retargeting.

If someone has already visited your website or social media pages, they’re likely to be a potential customer. Retargeting is a foolproof way to get these interested buyers to finally convert.

6. Target people based on their income/online spending habits.

This works best for luxury products. If your customers tend to be heavy shoppers, target your Facebook ads toward those with a higher income.

7. Try shifting your focus to brand identity/awareness.

We know, this sounds like the opposite of what you should be doing. But brand awareness ads can be extremely effective, even though conversions aren’t the main goal. If the visitors from these ads don’t convert right away, you can easily retarget them.

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