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Why Your Business Needs to be Blogging

With all the different social media platforms that exist today, it can be really easy to dismiss the idea of blogging. You might think that regularly updating your business’s social media platforms is all you need to do in terms of content creation, but you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Spoiler alert: blogging is not outdated, and can actually impact your sales! Here’s why you MUST have a blog on your website:

It can generate leads.

Yup, that’s right. With a strong call to action in your blog post, you might actually see a spike in sales. Blog posts are great for incorporating internal links and redirecting both potential and returning customers to hit that ‘complete purchase’ button.

It’s great for your SEO strategy.

Not only can you incorporate important keywords into your blog to help boost those rankings, but Google loves the fresh content as well! Search engines rank sites with new content higher, so you’ll be sure to see more traffic directed to your site after starting a blog. Need I say more?

It keeps your website fresh.

It’s likely that you’re not updating the existing pages on your website everyday (we’ve all got better things to do), but a blog will automatically spruce up your site and give the visitors something new each time they come back. Plus, as we mentioned before, Google loves this just as much as your customers will!

It establishes you as an expert in your field.

It’s all about building trust. Once your customers see that YOU are the master in your business’s field, they’ll want to purchase from you.

It humanizes your company.

Brand voice, anyone? Customers are much more likely to trust a real person than a robot. By sharing your thoughts, even if they’re controversial, your customers will want to talk to you and eventually purchase from you. Pro tip: sharing photos of you/your team will give you extra brownie points!

It creates shareable social media content.

Not only will this naturally fill up your own editorial calendar, but it creates the opportunity for other companies to share your articles as well. Once your website is circulating throughout social media, you’ll see a huge increase in website visits!

Have we convinced you to start a blog yet? For any assistance with your website, Pirate Labs is here to help!

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