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Posts by Dan Waltzer

How to Set Up Free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt and Apache

A web developer at work.

The folks at Let’s Encrypt decided to create a certificate authority that issues completely free SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt provides free, automatically-renewing SSL certificates that allow you to enable HTTPS connections to your website or web application. Sound too good to be true? It’s (almost) not! The only downside to using Let’s Encrypt is that the…

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Why Does My WordPress Site Keep Crashing?

Wordpress Options

Whether you built your WordPress website on your own or hired an agency to do it for you, it’s possible that the site will crash at some point. One outage here or there isn’t a big deal…servers are never 100% reliable, and things happen. However, if crashing becomes a recurring problem, then you’ve got something…

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Tutorial: How to host a WordPress site on Amazon EC2

Two web developers learn from each other.

Warning: This post is highly technical! It is also a long tutorial, so be prepared! Prerequisites To complete this tutorial and launch your WordPress site, you’ll first need to have a new AWS EC2 instance, running the Amazon Linux AMI. Once your server is up and running, be sure to write down your Public DNS or…

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Single-Page vs. Multi-Page Websites

A team works on a website.

In early 2013, a major shift towards single-page websites emerged. The single-page design allowed developers to incorporate big, beautiful images, video backgrounds, and fancy new features such as parallax scrolling. As with most web trends, business jumped on the single-page bandwagon and invested lots of time in money in redoing their sites to take advantage…

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