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How to Get Started with Shopify

Working on Shopify

Ecommerce is a constantly changing landscape filled with tools and technologies that can be utilized to help your business succeed. The internet is as open of a market as has ever existed in the world; with the right programs, advertising and selling to customers around the globe can be done from the palm of your…

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Why Optimize Your Website for Mobile?

A woman on her phone.

These days, everyone is buried in their phones all of the time. Love it or hate it, it’s a sign of the times; the technological revolution has changed the way we connect, relax, and do business. So if you’re running a website, especially if it’s for your business, mobile optimization is a must-have for everyone.…

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Ecommerce Return Rates: Here’s How to Reduce Returns

Selling more products is not your only means for increasing profits (though it is a good strategy!). Making sure the products that leave your warehouse don’t make their way back to you is one surefire way to make more money. Returns have always been a black mark on retailers. Unfortunately, ecommerce sites are being hit…

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